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Corporate Dining Concepts Embraces Seattle’s Best Vending Machine

The hot beverage high season is here and now!

There has never been a better time to take your vended coffee experience to a higher level. And Corporate Dining Concepts can help you do it.

The company is announcing its addition of the newest away-from-home coffee machine, Seattle’s Best

Seattles Best


Did you ever think that a vending machine could produce a great “coffee shop” cup of coffee, let alone a

latte or cappuccino? Robert Shelby, president of Corporate Dining Concepts, says that the new Seattle’s Best brewer is as good as the coffee shop product.

“Our clients have truly accepted the service, and why not? With a recognized brand like Seattle’s Best, with 2 million cups served daily through 50,000-plus outlets, the public recognizes this quality name.”

Ingredients and the brewing process are controlled; all ingredients are electronically

programmed and recipes are preset for drink consistency. Seattle’s Best machine features its

range of products in two cup sizes.

Corporate Dining, a privately held employee foodservice management provider, offers a variety of coffee concepts to its customers. Although the Seattle’s Best unit is not for every location, it has been overwhelmingly accepted by clients who have experienced the changeover from traditional coffee program.