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The cornerstone of our foodservice program is the strength of our management team – leadership.

Leadership in executing the gamut of programs is the single most important part of our business model.

From the leaders comes the depth of experience and enthusiasm to hire a staff reflecting those strengths.

We recognize that each of our workers brings their own unique capabilities, experiences and skills to their work. We value such diversity at all levels of the company in all that we do.

Corporate Dining believes that it all starts with hiring the right individuals. We are only as good as the people we have hired to work every day. It follows then that we must have a strong commitment to training.

But what is training? We realize that it is not just instruction on our techniques and hands-on education; it is much more. It is instilling in each staff member a need to listen to customers and responding to their needs. That means office staff, cooks, vending route attendants, cashiers must all share an upbeat attitude.

After all, we understand that, particularly in an employee café and at catered functions, your foodservice provider has the ability to touch every employee, every guest, every day. Your foodservice facility is the most visible service/benefit that employees and guests will encounter.

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A positive attitude is crucial to the success.

Thus, a positive attitude is crucial to the success of any service program. Add in the commitment to freshness, variety, value and optimum service standards, and you will have an effective package delivered to your company.


Still, we recognize that marketing is not effective when done in a vacuum; it must involve a two-way communication. If we encourage our customers to be outspoken in their needs, we can then respond in a positive way, and change or modify a menu, or a selection of beverages, or a blend of coffee. Program reviews and customer surveys are conducted regularly to determine the primary concerns of clients and how their expectations can be met.

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