Cafe Management

The onsite café experience, touching every employee every day.

In the past, employee cafes have disappointed the average client/customer with basic low-quality “heat-and-serve” uninteresting menus. Today, all that has changed. Learn More…


State-of-the-art merchandisers, filled with nationally branded products.

We believe that customers want the latest in tested technology attached to their snack or beverage machines. Outdated or refurbished equipment makes for unhappy customers. For starters, SureVend technology is on every applicable vending machine to ensure that each sale is guaranteed or money back. Learn More…


Onsite catering for senior staff is where we shine!

Within the framework of a company’s agenda, a working lunch for 10 delivered to a meeting room is as important as any executive dinner for 200.  Our attention to detail sets us apart. The correct food and beverage order, delivered on time, with the appropriate utensils, and cleaned up afterward in a timely manner is all essential. Learn More…

Office Coffee Services

We recognize the importance of a supremely flavorful cup of coffee.

And, with our typical attention to detail, you can count on the fact that the equipment we supply is only the best: a thermal pot system that produces a safer product, with lower energy costs, delivering a “coffee house” style of coffee.  Learn More…


The MainStreet Market is an onsite convenience store for your office.

Corporate Dining Concepts introduces MainStreet Market, an onsite convenience store where your employees and guests can purchase all the snacks, beverages, and food products now offered through your vending machines.  Learn More…

Alternative Options

  • No facilities for a traditional café kitchen?
  • Need a 24/7 food setup for your employees?
  • Curious about setting up a micro-store to offer more than snack food?

If one or more of the above factors require a solution then click to learn More.

Facility Design

We assist with the entire food facility design project from start to finish.

No matter what your population, from 50 to 5000, Corporate Dining Concepts can help in planning for your current needs as well as your companies future growth. Our design services are available to your company at any time. Let our team of professionals develop a comprehensive set of plans to meet your company’s every need. Learn More…

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