Alternative Options

Self-serve, self-contained setup which is monitored, stocked and serviced.

  • No facilities for a traditional café kitchen?
  • Need a 24/7 food setup for your employees?
  • Curious about setting up a micro-store to offer more than just snack food?

For instance, our new micro-market concept can act as a bridge between traditional vending machines and a full-service café program. What sets Corporate Dining’s MicroMarket apart from the average in-house convenience store is that, in addition to the snacks and beverages, we offer food products prepared to our high standards for that market. Our team can regularly prepare foods like deli sandwiches, scratch soups, and fresh salads, each packaged appropriately for the market, at one of our nearby kitchens.

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Choose a meal and pay at the kiosk. It’s that simple.


It is a self-serve, self-contained setup which is monitored, stocked, and serviced, but not constantly staffed. Customers choose what they want; a kiosk accepts cash, credit cards or a special keytag.

Other non-traditional setups

Limited or no kitchen facilities within the company building, does not prevent your employees from a hot lunch program.


With Corporate Dining’s unique carry-in program, you can have a limited but satisfying daily menu at midday which will compete with more expensive public venues nearby. Present us with your unique needs and goals, and we will give you the answers. We are confident that, in return, Corporate Dining can find a satisfying and financially reasonable way to fulfill those needs.


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