Cafe Management

A program that touches every employee every day.

The industry has changed.

In the past, employee cafes often disappointed the average client/consumer with boring heat-and-serve food and uninteresting menus, causing employees to seek alternatives to those meals during work hours.

But these days, the onsite food program for the “at work” environment has brought tremendous benefits for employees. Many employers realize they must make an investment in time and space, because they realize the following:

  • They see the in-house café as a way of keeping employees from spending too much of their time out of the building.
  • Employee attitude is more positive when a good, convenient meal can be had at a low price within walking distance of their cubicle or production line.
  • An interest in healthy alternatives to fast food makes the workplace café valuable for many.
  • The positive image an attractive, welcoming food court atmosphere makes with clients and guests is worth more than any public relations blitz might create.
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What sets us apart from the competition?

  • Our customized restaurant style menu is based on current and successful trends in the local market. We monitor where employees are spending their money on the outside, and then develop menu items similar to the most popular concepts. Our team will also prepares employees with some of our own food concepts — to us, a combination of the two helps to set us apart. We typically implement a five-week menu cycle in which the concepts rotate. This ensures that customers never get bored with the selections.
  • Focused on a fresh approach to food preparation, we use the freshest ingredients and the best techniques in scratch cooking. Why should your workers choose a precooked fast food style burger when our own EXPO station cooks and assembles lunch to order?
  • We provide you with a trained staff that cares about the food and your employees. Our team of chefs, cooks, and servers are not only creative and efficient, they are friendly and enthusiastic about the job at hand.
  • The cafeteria provides a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere where employees can enjoy a break, short or long, with a delicious meal. Everything from the buffet line setup to the specials and promotions are design with your employees in mind.

Healthy Options

Your health is important to us, and it starts with fresh ingredients!


Equals a healthier you.

Today, most corporate environments take wellness and health under consideration. The employee café and catering programs are each important aspects of the overall Corporate Wellness picture.

Corporate Dining Concepts offers our clients a simple Wellness Café program we call “Go For Green Cuisine.”

Developed in conjunction with the Cleveland Clinic, the program helps people to identify foods that meet key nutritional requirements and to make an informed choice to eat healthier, great tasting food.

By utilizing a simple color coding system on our menus, and supporting that with extensive in-house communication, we are able to help customers make healthier choices on a daily basis. That system ultimately develops a proper understanding of wellness and nutrition.

Most people do not have the time at work to research nutrition content. Go For Green Cuisine works because we do the work for them. Customers use our green, yellow, and red visual tools to make the correct choice of foods. Plus, providing nutritional information helps educate the customer to become more health conscious and continue to make better nutritional choices.


  • Ceaser Salad
  • Chicken Salad
  • Cobb Salad
  • Chef Salad
  • Chicken Ceaser Wrap
  • Assorted nuts
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Fresh whole fruit
  • Tuna Salad
  • Low fat yogurt
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