Office Coffee Service

We recognize the importance of a supremely flavorful cup of coffee.

An office coffee program is almost an afterthought with many foodservice providers. Not so at Corporate Dining!

We recognize that a supremely flavorful cup of coffee can be an extremely important part of one’s workday. And, with our characteristic attention to detail, you can count the equipment only being the best. For example, our thermal pot system produces a safer product, with lower energy cost, while still producing  a “coffee house” style of coffee.

Our attendants are trained to maintain the equipment and update products. Service includes restocking supplies and product, cleaning the unit, and coffee pot replacement. Plus, monthly service includes quality control of temperature and filter change.

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Have a coffee tasting before deciding.

Even before our services are completely up and running at a facility, Corporate Dining will sponsor a coffee tasting to make sure that clients receive the right blend in their daily cup of java. Do you want a value blend? We’ve got the most flavorful. You demand Starbucks? We have you covered.



A premium coffee taste comes from premium equipment.


The U.S. has become the number one consumer of coffee in the world. It’s no secret that we need to start the day out with great coffee beans that are roasted properly. Still, the brewing equipment is just as important. Corporate Dining can supply the best of brewers, made by Bunn — the premier brewer manufacturer of coffee and tea equipment.

Let us review your coffee needs; we offer only the latest in equipment, whether it is for freshly brewed java by the pot or a single cup system.

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We pride ourselves on the top quality of coffee products we supply.

Corporate Dining Concepts believes that the selection of coffee products is very personal; the ideal choice differs from person to person. That is why we feature more than 50 different coffee varieties.

Talk to a Corporate Dining sales representative and allow us to offer a coffee taste test for your staff. We will help to provide your employees with the right taste and blend that will satisfy everyone’s preference.



Interested in our equipment? Call us now. 248-852-2060


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