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The Right Choice...for a Healthier You®

Healthy foods

Nothing impacts our lives more than our health; eating the right foods can dramatically impact employees' happiness, well-being, and productivity. Corporate Dining Concepts is committed to helping our clients achieve optimum wellness through education, awareness, and our nutrition program. We know that empowering employees to make healthier choices along with living a more active lifestyle can have lifelong positive impact.

The Right Choice For A Healthier You® is a workplace nutrition education program designed to help your team live a healthier lifestyle by making smart food choices, and to inform you about the ongoing efforts to balance and enhance nutrition in the food and beverage products we offer.

We're pleased to utilize USConnect's nutritional guidelines that are custom-designed for The Right Choice...for a Healthier You® program. These guidelines follow the recommendations of a number of leading medical health agencies for the prevention of chronic illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. Available for implementation in dining services, vending, and markets, healthier choices are designated by the apple/heart logo or located in areas designated "The Right Choice".  

Resources to Support Your Wellness

Wellness is the active process of making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life, the results of which filter into every aspect of what we do. To support your employees in making great, healthy choices beyond the office, we're pleased to provide a health and wellness website that is regularly updated with healthy eating (and living) tips, recipes, nutritional information, guides, and more. Provided through our consortium, USConnect®, it's a great resource; visit the site at www.therightchoiceforahealthieryou.com.

Visit our wellness website!
The Right Choice...for a Healthier You
TRC Newsletters


Every month we'll share the latest edition of The Right Choice...for a Healthier You® newsletter, which features a spotlight topic on living a healthier life. Features center around nutrition, fitness, and healthy lifestyle choices and practices as well as meal preparation tips and recipes that can be used at home.



Bring the very latest health and wellness education to your team with quarterly lunch and learns with our staff dietitian. Offered online, with the option for customized on-site programs, we'll help your team stay in the know so that they can make healthier choices every day!